Complete device and document security – the IT Manager’s view

uniFLOW provides the missing link in device and document security, allowing complete control of the multifunctional device environment.Find out more

Control how jobs are printed

Information provided by uniFLOW allows the IT Manager to define printing policies on the network. For example, the IT manager may decide to force all emails to be printed in black and white, restrict larger jobs from being printed on smaller laser printers, or prompt users to send the job double-sided once it is over a certain size.

Network resilience

uniFLOW is designed to minimise disruption to your business when there are network problems. Print and scan devices can be configures to work with remote print servers that don’t require a link to the main server to funtion. Servers can also be clustered to provide another layer of resilience.

The MFD itself can remember the login details of users so they can still access some functions, such as copying, even when the network is down.

Restrict access to the MFD

By integrating tightly with th eCanon MFD hardware, uniFLOW can stop unauthorised use of the devices. Where access is granted, all usage of the device is recorded for later reporting.

Users can also be granted different access rights to use various functions of the device depending on their job role. For example, certain users may only be allowed to copy in black and white where others can copy in colour.

Complete Document Security

Secure printing stops potentially secure documents from being left on the output tray for anyone to see. But what if that document should not have been printed in the first place?

uniFLOW can capture every copy, print, scan and fax that is made and process the image data for key words or document structure before storing it in a document management system.

Integration with Back-Office Systems

Access to the device is controlled by proximity card, smart card, magnetic swipe card, fingerprint, PIN, or user name and password. uniFLOW can integrate with the company’s existing user directory or it can “self-learn” which card belongs to which user, thereby removing the burden from the IT department.

Custom Workflows

Different departments and users require different functionality when it comes to printing or scanning documents. uniFLOW includes a graphical workflow editor that allows the administrator to decide exactly what should happen when users print or scan a document. These workflows can be different for each printer depending on the needs of the department, and personal workflows can follow users as they move from device to device.

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