Recognising the enthusiasm shown by London teaching hospitals for the amazing results achieved through laser eye surgery, in 1991 Russell Ambrose founded Optimax.

Having now performed over 700,000 treatments across a nationwide network of clinics, offering over 800 treatment appointments per week, Optimax is the UK’s leading laser eye treatment specialist.


Business Challenge

All employee records were manually prepared, completed and processed in paper format. As a result, administration staff were spending excessive time manually updating, categorising and storing documents in the relevant employee folders. The Human Resources team were struggling to keep up with employee training and refresher courses, and having to manually check paperwork for requirements such as contract signatures. Additionally, the safe and secure storage of records was also proving difficult.

Vision Solution

The first step was a thorough, unobtrusive assessment of the current documents and processes.

Through a simple and collaborative process of consultancy, a comprehensive project plan was created. As part of this transition plan digital versions of all forms were produced, new processes introduced, and all HR procedures transitioned to functioning online.

Legacy paper records were also scanned into a highly organized structure within the new online HR platform, meaning documents could be obtained through the same system.

Automated alerts have been created to notify relevant personnel of pending document and certification renewals, also prompting key tasks such as appraisals. And to further assist with good practice and enhance GDPR compliance, document deletion for ex-employees has also been fully automated.

The use of cloud-based technology, with roles based access control means authorised Optimax staff are now able to securely access files via a web browser on any environment, from any location.

Key Benefits

Digitally produced documents now enables Optimax’s HR team to progress and complete all necessary tasks more efficiently and, when needed, remotely. Fast search functionality also enables the team to locate documents at the click of a button, providing significant time saving.

With offsite data backup within Microsoft® Azure not only are documents accessible anytime from any location but also now fully secure, mitigating risk of loss and assisting with GDPR compliance.

“Our HR department was looking for a system that would ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. They needed a system that combined traditional document management functionality, with workflows to remove documents past retention and notify them when important documents were missing. We found this already pre-built with GDPR for HR records – there was no long, complicated build process – the system worked as we needed it to straight off the shelf” Brendon Parkes, IT Manager

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