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The Ipswich Hospital is a National Health Service Trust providing hospital-based health care to more than 400,000 people who live in and around east Suffolk. The hospital is currently working towards becoming an NHS Foundation Trust.

  • Vision’s Managed Print Solution Achievements:
  • 45% energy savings
  • 30% actual print cost savings against the current 5 year spend
  • 25% paper savings (through duplex printing)
  • 30% saving on offsite print

Business Challenge

The hospitals print arrangements were very disjointed with numerous suppliers and an aging fleet of inefficient devices. The existing decentralised budget structure and set up for purchasing and supporting print services had no set guidelines to follow. A condition of the procurement process was to provide evidence that cost savings could be achieved. Vision were able to prove savings of 30% and identified the Trust required a true partnership approach with a new Managed Print solutions whereby all document production, print, fax and reprographics services fall under one, single supplier managed and maintained contract to deliver substantial and verifiable efficiency and commercial savings.

Vision Solution

Vision was committed to ensuring that the Trust was achieving efficiency, effectiveness and value for money. Having carried out a through needs analysis across the hospital Vision’s strategy was specifically developed and adopted, integrating a solution of software, hardware and services that optimises and manages a fleet of print output devices.

The service would be billed to the Trust as a single cost per page, uniformed across the estate, one cost per page for mono and one for colour; encompassing all contributing costs, such as capital, toner and cartridges, consumables, service and maintenance.


We successfully proposed to reduce and replace the large fleet of copiers and desktop printers and re-direct the majority of the print traffic to a fleet of new Canon multifunctional devices and Samsung printers that are accessible to all end users. These have been deployed throughout the Trust with an aim to significantly reduce the costs of printing whilst increasing efficiency, productivity and asset utilisation throughout.

The utilisation of Print Management Software UniFLOW now allows the trust to accurately monitor and track usage with retrospective cross charging to the relevant departmental budget code. Secure print release through authentication via the users existing door access cards provides the end user with the ability to retrieve their print jobs from any multifunctional device safely. If a print job has not been retrieved within a set period it will be deleted from the server, decreasing wastage of consumables, parts, and paper by a minimum of 25%.

The software also offers many additional benefits rules base printing to for example, emails printed double-sided, mono only.

Offsite printing through an expensive third party has now been divided between two separate channels; the diversion of large volume print jobs to central reprographics through rules base printing and off site print via Vision’s successful partner Oliver Marketing whose costs are continuously compared across the current market to ensure that savings are still received. This approach delivers savings equating to approximately £30,000 per annum.

The introduction of RightFax Software has delivered a significant reduction in fax and document delivery costs by eliminating the need for 300 fax lines and the rental costs, paper-based delivery, stand along machines and the associated costs.

The trust are now able to securely and efficiently deliver business information from virtually any applications via fax, email, print devices or over the internet ensuring that an audit trail is created. Fax over IP unites fax with voice and date traffic onto a single IP network and centralises fax services to reduce remote administration costs.

Unclaimed documents left at the fax device are now demolished as faxes are now sent directly to email inbox creating reductions in wastage whilst increasing proficiency.

Solutions Implementation

A bespoke implementation plan led by an experience Vision Project Manager identified areas of responsibility, issues and risks, a communication strategy and a firm timeline for each individual rollout ensuring that disruption was kept to a minimum whilst the Managed print Solution is successfully delivered.

The satisfying implementation of this strategy along with the adoption of new ways of working now allows the trust to achieve considerable savings and effectiveness and efficiency gains. Savings will result from a reduction in the amount printing devices replacing unproductive costly printers with a more cost effective, economical multi functional device option. Energy usage savings also flourished as a result. The streamlining of administration processes and single contract management also lead to vast cost reductions.

  • Vision’s Managed Print Solution also provided:
  • Improved Service Level Target through the introduction of an onsite Engineer
  • Improved efficiency in all areas of operations efficiency in all areas of operations

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As part of an In-depth procurement procedure Vision were able to successfully provide evidence of being able to provide 30% savings across the Trust. Now that the Solution has been implemented, Vision’s estimations have come a reality

Mark Caines

Technical Services Manager, Ipswich Hospital NHS

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