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Printing remains one of the unseen costs in business that, typically can account for up to 3% of total revenue each year. That’s a substantial budget and organisations with no set policy for purchasing or control can quickly see costs spiral out of control.Find out more

Vision’s Audit, Discovery and Design Services will give you complete visibility of your internal printing and document workflow by producing a definitive list of hardware equipment, a guide to the true volume of printing and what all this is costing in lost productivity, consumables, maintenance and specialist support.

A Vision audit includes in-depth analysis of your current printing and document workflow and capture processes and will enable us to design a solution that will drive improved efficiency, productivity whilst reducing costs. Contact Vision for an audit to see how we can help your business on

  • What is being printed?
  • Establishes paper sizes and types and whether it’s single- or double-sided, in colour or black and white
  • How many are being printed?
  • Calculates the throughput of each copy, print and fax device
  • On which devices is output produced?
  • Assesses usage of each network printer, copier, multifunctional device, fax and local printer
  • When is the output produced?
  • Identifies peak workflow times
  • Who is producing the output?
  • Establishes who’s printing on which devices – by floor, area or department
  • Why is the output produced?
  • Analyses what’s essential and what’s not, who it’s intended for and how it might be better managed

Our audit will give you unique insight into the volume, cost and rationale of your print output. It’s essential detail that will enable you to understand and benchmark your current costs while informing the solution we recommend to drive the print cost and efficiency improvements you’re looking for.

To find out more about our comprehensive print audit and the value it can contribute to your office’s greater efficiency, just get in touch.

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