We’re committed to minimising environmental impact

Vision takes consideration of the environment very seriously and actively promotes and participates in initiatives that prioritise the green agenda, both for ourselves and our clients and our environmental management system meets the ISO14001:2015 standard.Find out more

  • Our environmental policy is centred on:
  • Supplying the very best in eco-friendly solutions using Energy Star certified hardware in place of separate energy-consuming units, and paperless document distribution systems.
  • Collaborating with market-leading manufacturers to reduce packaging, the use of hazardous and non-renewable materials and the environmental impact of the product lifecycle, from first manufacture to final disposal.
  • Recycling all redundant devices in line with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive.
  • Vision’s Environmental Policy Statement

PrintReleaf, from Vision, is a unique eco platform that empowers businesses to sustain and grow their global forestry system…one print job at a time and is part of Vision’s Integrated Management System certified to ISO14001 and part of the 2015 standard.

PrintReleaf has collaborated with industry experts in print and forestry to develop standards for measuring, offsetting, and verifying the successful reforestation of paper consumption, developing a standard, methodology, and technology platform that makes it simple for customers to certifiably reforest their paper consumption. Here’s how it works:

At the heart of the platform is a widely-accepted industry formula for equating paper volume to number of trees. The formula is: 8,333 sheets of standard A4 paper. PrintReleaf has adopted this formula and embedded it into their software to perform the measurement of a customer’s consumption. Then, the data is made ‘actionable’. Customers decide where they would like to reforest their consumption within PrintReleaf’s Certified™ global reforestation projects.

Watch the PrintReleaf Video:

All projects are visible on a global map within the PrintReleaf platform. The map is integrated with Global Forest Watch that’s been developed and hosted by the World Resources Institute. Global Forest Watch provides a global diagnostic view of the Earth’s forestry system and illustrates net forest loss versus net forest gain. The data is collected primarily through satellite imaging as well as ground-level intelligence. Current data published by Global Forest Watch indicates that global deforestation significantly outpaces reforestation.

So, make a difference and sign up for PrintReleaf today. Call 08449 808700 or enquires@visionplc.co.uk

Reduce Wastage, Prolong Consumables Life

When multifunction devices, products commonly known as MFD’s, MFP’s require toner, a warning and alert appears in the control panel advising the user to prepare to replace the black or colour toner cartridge, please order toner etc.

At this stage, there is typically 20% toner retained in the cartridge, however users simply dispose of the cartridge and waste significant toner. Unnecessarily!

As part of Vision’s Environmental Management System, ISO 14001, we are continuously developing initiatives and have key objectives aimed at reducing wastage and our impact on the environement.

By simply prolonging and extending the life of toner cartridges, we can reduce the impact on landfill, shipping and packaging.

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Seeing young people develop and have opportunities to reach their full potential is at the very heart of our YMCA work.  It’s so exciting to see Trees for Cities, Vision and the YMCA all working together to make this project happen.  It will make a real difference to the young people at Featherstone High School.

Jan Lewis

Marketing Manager at West London YMCA