88% of organisations are concerned about their impact on the environment

Despite the recession there is still a strong interest in environmental awareness; organisations are interested in a document management solution mainly because of its environmental benefits, for many going green is still a key consideration whilst for others it is more important than ever for their organisation to consider environmental benefits.Find out more

Document management solutions make smart business sense as they reduce paper consumption and CO2 emissions;

Although there is a strong leaning towards businesses wanting to be greener, print cost reductions and improved productivity are most likely to persuade organisations to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Vision’s portfolio of document management solutions enable the electronic creation, storage, retrieval, management, delivery and authorisation of business documents that will significantly reduce paper consumption, cut energy costs and improve processes whilst supporting your environmental goals.

At Vision we are as committed to helping you meet your own environmental and sustainability goals as we are to meeting our own; we are currently working towards ISO14001:2004 and encouraging our existing clients to adopt document management solutions to reduce their environmental impact is one of our goals.

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