28 reasons to choose eCopy PDF Pro instead of Adobe Acrobat X Pro

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  1. Create and PDF Converter Assistant desktop utility
  2. One click professional scanning with auto find and mark technology
  3. Capture documents using a scan inbox in network scanning environments
  4. Create PDF-MRC high-compression colour PDF image files and converts scanned PDF files to compressed MRC – PDF files (up to eight times smaller)
  5. Drag and drop security profiles to quickly and easily secure documents
  6. Make selected document annotations such as text boxes, stamps, mark-ups etc., or filled form fields fixed and permanent, preventing unwanted changes (flattening)
  7. Superior conversion accuracy with OmniPage® OCR
  8. Thumbnail preview of PDF document pages
  9. Specify page(s) and range of pages to convert
  10. Retain layout and column flow limited formatting
  11. Retain PDF headers and footers in Microsoft Word
  12. Converts PDF to Microsoft Excel worksheets and workbooks (.xls, .xlsx)
  13. Converts PDF to Corel® WordPerfect® (.wpd) , XPS (.xps) and PowerPoint 2007, 2010 (.pptx)
  14. Retains hyperlinks .doc, .docx, .wpd, .xls, .xlsx
  15. Converts scanned (image) PDF files to Microsoft Word, Excel and   Corel® WordPerfect® files
  16. Convert a selected area of a page using OCR and convert to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect – for Scanned (Image) PDF files as well as normal PDF files
  17. Reads out text via RealSpeak® text-to-speech (TTS) module
  18. Save text in PDF files as audio (wav) files
  19. Assemble documents in document assembly view (Insert, Extract, Replace, Delete, Split, Renumber, Manage Headers/Footers, Drag and drop pages)
  20. Tabbed document previews of all document pages to easily select which pages to insert into the target document
  21. Save, track and open revisions within a PDF document
  22. Organise and manage a library of clip art and security envelopes
  23. Document splitting or extraction by file size, page range, blank page, page contents and bookmarks
  24. Pattern Search — Perform intelligent Looks Like Search™ to quickly find content, like dates, email addresses, credit card or phone numbers, via an alphanumeric pattern rather than exact text. Choose from predefined patterns or create patterns.
  25. Automatically highlight, cross-out, underline or redact search results
  26. Create a table of contents from bookmarks
  27. Embed movie, Flash®, Silverlight®, 3D content or sound files into a PDF
  28. Imposition tool for booklet printing in multiple copies


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