2014: enhance your eco credentials

Excepting the corporate social responsibility debate, the argument for reducing the environmental impact of your print function and the way your organisation produces and manages documents is compelling.Find out more

If you have not yet adopted a “green” print policy, your organisation is likely to be:

  • producing excessively high print volumes per user
  • generating a large quantity of wasted print
  • using energy inefficient devices
  • over reliant on paper processes

Vision’s managed print solutions and document management software will:

  • reduce your print volumes with print management software that eliminates unclaimed waste
  • optimise your print fleet, consolidate single function devices to multifunction and lower energy consumption
  • enhance your eco credentials with Energy Star rated products and easy-to-use recycling facilities
  • educate users to print responsibly and smarter by adding accountability
  • enable users to scan, manage and distribute information securely throughout your organisation; document workflows facilitate the electronic processing of documents to avoid paper usage.

Vision is committed to providing managed print and document solutions as part of a sustainable future which could drive down your print expenditure; contact us to learn more.


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