VRFM is Vision's unique remote management application that forms part of a managed print solution.  VRFM will proviode you with proactive and comprehensive support, utilising some of the most advanced technology on the market today.

VRFM allows you to automatically discover and report on device information, including meter readings, number of pages printed, amount of toner remaining or the current state of the device.  Meter information can be emailed in .csv or .pdf format and customised to import into virtually any billing system.

Printer alerts can be sent automatically via email and printer usage reports provide information on how devices are being used; device location maps show an at-a-glance view of device status.

  • Benefits
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy by automating meter reading collection to assist with billing
  • Improve device up-time by enabling the administrator to receive alerts when the device needs attention
  • Increase awareness of your printer estate to ensure you have the right devices deployed


VRFM delivers a highly efficient and secure remote management solution enabling Vision to have full visibility of the status of your printing assets in near real-time, without the need to have remote access into your network.  The underlying technologies used for communication are industry standard, flexible and extensible, making them the protocols of choice for real-time communications over the internet.